Wednesday, August 09, 2017

This Year At The Lakes....

Another great year at Lake Webster has come and gone!  We sure appreciated our time with the family and have some good memories to look back on.

We had two little awnings set up for some shade.  Holding onto the two posts was Saywer's favorite spot to watch all the action.

On the boat with my honey.

Maybe in a year or two Summer will be game for holding the turtles.  But for now just touching them is quite enough for her thankyouverymuch!

Lots and lots of cousin time!

A little family bike ride to Dixie Days in town.  We were planing to get ice cream at a booth we saw right when we got there, but when we came back just 20 or so minutes later it was already closed:(  But root beer floats were on the menu for that night's supper so all was well.

Sittin' on the dock of the bay....

Those nets were a HUGE hit!  And they also were the cause of an increase in my blood pressure from watching Summer almost topple head first into the water all week long.

Summer's first jet ski ride- she was a little unsure but she did go for a second ride later on so it must not have been too bad!

This was Sawyer's hang out when he couldn't contain himself and kept heading straight for the water.  Pack-n-play in the shade.  He was only sort of okay with it.

Tubing time!  Don't worry- me and Cassie joined them for the actual ride.  They loved it!  Even Summer, who has her mother's wimpy overly cautious genes had a blast:)

A family friend who lives in the area has a mini old time town in their backyard that we went to see.  Complete with a general store, barber, doctor's office, church, jail, and more- it was so cool!

That is one patient dog.

No non-life jacket wearing babies were actually taken on a ride in the kayak.  They just sat there for a quick picture.

Those nets again.

And now my final excuse to hold off on potty training is over:(

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