Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Winter Wrap Up

And by winter wrap up, I really meant that I just wanted to clear off my camera.  So here's a giant picture dump!

Babysitter in training

We had overnight guests a few weeks ago.  They also had a little girl named Summer who was just a couple months younger than ours!  They weren't too sure what they thought of each other...

But most of their kids were older and some even enjoyed playing the games that Danny loves and I tolerate occasionally for him:)  So that worked out well!

Look Mom, I found my toes!

They make me really happy.

And my thumb.  I found my thumb too.  And even though you always try to make me take the paci instead, I just really like my thumb!

We got to stay with "Ampony" for a few days!  Summer liked him a lot more than what the picture would suggest.

There's that thumb again.  And a little bumbo acrobatics.

Summer really wanted to play our game with us.  Good thing she was satisfied with a few of the pieces that weren't being used!

"I hold Sawyer"

One of the children in this picture loves necklaces and one does not.  I'll let you decide who is who:)

Grandma's surprise (anyways we attempted to make it a surprise) 60th b-day party, where much sugar was consumed.

Corrie's dream come true- leading Summer around by the hand wherever she feels like!

Sawyer's first haircut: the before picture.

The after picture.  I think overall it was successful thanks to Danny's tips on how to cut it!

Summer the copycat.  Sawyer still struggles a little during tummy time to stay up for long periods without growing tired and face planting.  Mostly because I forget about it and don't put him on his tummy enough.  But Summer decided to do tummy time along with him, laying face down every time his head would fall!  Moral support I guess.

And now winter is officially over.  Happy Spring to you!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

The Big 3

Well we've been married three whole years now:)  Woo hoo for us!!  And we had a fun little outing to celebrate!  So, back in October when all the sisters in law took Danny's mom to Beef and Boards dinner theater for Christmas, I saw that in 2017 they were going to be showing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Which caused me to gasp in delight!  Literally if I remember right:)  I love that show.  Back in high school chorus we sang a medley of the songs from that musical and ever since then I've wanted to see it.  Now, I have seen one production of it from a community theater place and one high school production.  But I just really wanted to see it with people who actually acted for a living.  And here was my chance.  So I dropped just a couple not so subtle hints and let it go.  But I just kept thinking about it and I knew it would be done showing at the end of March.  So finally I told Danny all the reasons I really wanted to go and he him hawed around and listed the reasons it probably wouldn't work.  But then one day he came home from work with tickets.  That he had bought IN DECEMBER!!!  What a guy:)  He did good!

So off we went to Indy!

The food was mediocre but the show was fabulous!  Our seats were close enough that I could actually touch the stage so that was cool but we were almost as far to the side as we could be so we saw a lot of profiles.  But it was still great!

At the dinner theater you have to pay extra to get a real dessert so we thought, if we're paying for dessert, we may as well pay for something we really like.  So it was off to the Cheesecake Factory for us!  Danny got banana and I got key lime.  Soooo tasty.  And they even decorated our plates special!

The restaurant was at a mall so we just walked around and did some window shopping after that before heading home.  And much to my delight, Sawyer took a bottle pretty good while we were gone, which I had been a little worried about.  So that was just the cherry on top I guess.

Thanks, honey for such a great anniversary celebration!!

Monday, March 06, 2017

And Now February Is Over Too?!?!?!

OOPS!!!  The last time I posted I lamented about how January was over and I think I might have talked about posting more.  Well, you see how that went!

We've had a pretty good winter thus far.  Although winter is almost officially over- yay!!

We've played games,

Summer was introduced to the wonder of licking off the beaters,

and Sawyer has practiced his tummy time.  (I think Summer got the better end of the deal on that one!)

Unfortunately though, sometimes tummy time goes awry.

We had a nice little Valentine's Day supper at home-

complete with some pretty tasty chocolate covered strawberries.  I think we might make those a tradition!

But sadly, the sickies also hit (with a vengeance)us that day, making things a little less romantic:)  They kinda came out of nowhere in the middle of the day, right after I had been telling people we have managed to avoid them so far.  Lots of paci time and movie time and snuggle time around here!

We managed to get better enough to go enjoy the hotel getaway with Danny's family, though it was NOT a sleep filled night for anybody in our room.  Well, except Sawyer.  He did good.  But Summer made sure we remembered she did not feel good and wanted us to know she much preferred her own bed.

Peek a boo!  Sometimes the trick to getting this guy to sleep is putting a blanket over his eyes.  And then he wakes up and peeks out and it's so stinkin cute!

I made Summer a rice box.  She loves it.  I love the idea of it but the reality of it isn't quite as fun:)  But she really doesn't do too bad with it if I keep an eye on her so it was worth it!

My parents came out to visit for the weekend.  We welcomed them with a broken water heater and invited my dad to fix it!  We were pretty glad it happened then, because they had brought the truck out so he could use it to haul in a new one and install it himself rather than us needing to have one delivered and pay someone to do the work!  Plus the following weekend we had a family of nine (yes you read that right- NINE) staying with us and it would not have been quite so convenient for it to go out then!

A hot water heater box makes a wonderful hideout:)

Up next:  Happy Anny to us!!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

January Is Over???

Well here we are, already over one month in to 2017.  I guess my excuse for not blogging is that January was pretty busy.  I like it that way though- it helps the winter blahs be not so blah.

So, I don't know if I'm a lot busier and more absent minded with two kids, or if I'm just getting lazier, but my picture taking has gone downhill!  But I did get some to commemorate the beginning of this year.

First up, a ladies night out!  Us and two other siblings of the B family have been neighbors with Louise, who is one of the best neighbors ever.  She brings us food, she babysits, she waters our plants in the summer... she pretty much does it all!  So to say thanks and just for fun, we took her and a couple of her friends out to supper one night.  We left the men and kids at home, crammed into a van, and had a blast!

Summer girl has been growing up like crazy.  She's starting to play pretty good by herself, she talks like crazy, she sings all the time, and she has discovered that movies are fun.  She has pretty much mastered feeding herself foods that use a fork, however, spoon foods are a different story!  I let her do it by herself a lot because I know she needs to learn how, but sometimes it's just not worth the mess!

She also is starting to enjoy watching me.  "I watch!"  So for now she gets to observe.  Pretty soon though she'll probably get to help.  Hopefully it goes a long time before she realizes that the things mommy is doing aren't always necessarily fun and will love it!

Watching aaaallllll the time.

Danny went to South Carolina on a work team with church to help do repairs on houses that had flood damage, and while he was gone, I partied!  Well, kind of.  The word takes on a different meaning with a toddler and a baby:)  But I definitely didn't just sit around at home while he was gone. First I loaded up the kids and went to Michigan for a wedding.  My parents were up there too, and had ridden with other people.  Then they rode with me and we went to Illinois for the week.  It was a swell time!!

I had plans to meet up with some of my friends at Biaggi's and I was SO SO excited, because those meetings typically don't happen.  My friends are enough spread out that when we go out for the weekend, I rarely see them.  So I left my kids with my mom and headed merrily on my way.

Buuuuuttttt...  Things happen.  So I got to the restaurant an hour and a half late:(  It made me sad.  But I had a great time while I was there!  And I was really glad the kids weren't with me and I had a dear friend who offered her husband's services to come rescue me.  Thanks Katrina!!!

There was lots of time spent with my family and some time to kick back and relax.  And before I knew it the week was over.  On the way home I stopped and had lunch with two of my favorite people.  Sorry Leah- I didn't get your picture:(

Leah's daughter was born just one week before Summer, so we decided they would be best friends.  And they finally met and hit it off for the first time that day!

The kids did great travelling.  I hadn't ever traveled with both of them by myself before so I didn't know what to expect.  But each time I left right after lunch and they both slept great and stayed happy!

Then there's this guy.  Who is already three months!  Not sure how that happened so fast.  He's truly a delight though.  He has the best little giggle.  Which makes me giggle too!  He's pretty strong, he loves his piano playmat, he naps okay, he sleeps through the night about half the time, and he strongly opposes tummy time.  It's so fun to watch him grow!

And there you have it!  I was starting to think I should maybe quit blogging and just read other people's.  But I still kinda like doing it.  It's really fun to read back on old posts.  And I had a few people tell me that they still read it and like it.  So I guess I'll keep going.  Hopefully more than once a month!  We'll see...

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Well the last week of our lives has been a little bit of a whirlwind.  Not unlike many of you I'm sure.  Tiring, but oh so worth it!  We started out in Illinois with my family for a few days last week.  We had plenty of great family time, some friend time, and we even got to go to the Christmas program that the church choir puts on each year!  It's always on a Wednesday night so we haven't gone and I've been talking to Danny about how much I miss it ever since we got married.  So I was super excited to go again!

Summer is not especially into presents yet.  She's just not quite old enough to understand.

 But she did like what was inside once it was opened and out of the box!

She loved being with her grandparents and cousins and I loved watching her be with them.

She's still a little shy when we first get out there but she is slowly getting to know them and building a relationship with them!

These happen to be some of my very favorite people in the world:)

Sawyer finally got to meet my grandma:)  She loves little babies and was in her own little world here!

And he took his first sink bath and LOVED it!

But all the action wore him out and when it was time for his last feeding before bed he just couldn't. wake. up.

We came back and had our little family Christmas on Christmas Eve.  It was really low key but we still enjoyed it!  Danny did a great job on my gift- getting me some cheesy Hallmark Christmas movies and snacks to go with them!  And we got to watch one that night:)

He really didn't have anything to open that night.  I did the 12 Days of Christmas for him so he had been opening little things all along.  The last one was a card with 12 things I love about him but it did seem a little weird to not have an actual present to open.  But I think he liked it anyway!

The next day it was onto Danny's family!

There was the kids Christmas play,

the men's rendition of Little Drummer Boy,

lots of play time,

and a few presents from grandpa and grandma.

AND... there was the most unique and crazy grab bag game for the adults!  My brother in law made up a Fear Factor game where basically, the harder the stunt, the more money/gift cards you got.  It was pretty intense!

Just ask the people who ate live critters.  And yes, that is a barf bucket- just in case!  But out of I think 16 different critters between six or seven different people, it was only used once.  What. A. Night!

Looking back, it's hard to believe all the festivities started just a week ago.  So much was squeezed into that time.  But we loved every minute of it and are so grateful to have had that time!