Thursday, August 18, 2016

Vacation Fun

The last week of July and the first week of August were filled with wedding and travelling fun!  It started with a beautiful wedding weekend for Jordan and Jenny, filled with ruffles that were bigger than the girls wearing them!

So cute!

After taking a day to rest after the wedding, we headed off to the lakes with Danny's family.  We spent the week playing in the water,

taking Summer's first boat ride,

and just chilling in the shade.  That little pink chair provided hours of entertainment!

We also left the lake cottage for a day to check out the Elkhart County Fair.  We had a lot of fun seeing all the animals, watching the rodeo, and eating some fair food treats.

We also got to see a baby calf be born.  Here's a fact about me:  From about 3rd grade up until early high school, I wanted to be a farm animal vet.  That's what really drove me to get into ag classes and FFA.  Once I got into high school I started helping out at the elementary school during my study hall which is how I ended up choosing a path of kiddos rather than animals.  But after watching that calf be born, I was ready to turn back time and apply to vet school instead of going the education route!  (That didn't last long, but it was still really cool to be able to see that!)

We got home from the lakes late Tuesday night, spent Wednesday going to two different doctor appointments and doing a little laundry, and then Thursday morning I took Summer and went out to Illinois for a few days.  Phew!

We had some more great family time and were able to help my parents serve lunch at church.  There were also a couple of really fun swimming parties in there that I sadly didn't get ANY pictures of:(  Oh.  And I got to eat Monical's and lots of Caleri's!

And I got to take an evening out and catch up with one of my nearest and dearest!  We blabbed and blabbed and blabbed and blabbed.  It was great:)

Sunday after church we didn't really stick around.  It was time to get back to a normal routine.  And after lots of practice over the lakes and the IL weekend, Summer is officially a walker!  Now these last couple weeks have been loooooowwwwww key.  I guess it's all or nothing for us!  

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Olympics Revised

I Love The Olympics.  Really.  I love them a lot.  So, when a little while back we had some friends over, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to celebrate the upcoming Rio games.  We had four men's events and four women's events.  Track and Field, Gymnastics (of course), Swimming, and Volleyball.

The men did the shot-put with a big rock from our landscaping while the women had a javelin throwing contest with a yardstick. 

Next the women competed in a second track and field event: the marshmallow on a spoon race!  Because half of them are pregnant, all of them were exempt from the gymnastics event:)

Followed by a men's cartwheel contest.  This part of the evening was highly entertaining!

Since we weren't actually around any water or wearing swim suits, the men and women both had a breath holding contest.  I happen to think the pregnant ones were at a disadvantage in this particular event, but they were good sports about it.

I didn't get any pictures of the volleyball event, but they each had to use Summer's little rubber ball from Dollar Tree and see how many times they could bump it to themselves.  It turned out to be harder than we thought it would!

In the end though, there could only be one winner for the men and one for the women.  They were each awarded either a gold, silver, or bronze medal, or a participation award.

They might not all share my love for the Olympics, but they humored me and we had fun!

Our spectators, however, weren't so interested.  The would have rather spent time playing with each other.

Or the dirt.  They really liked the dirt.

It was a great night!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Some Joo-Lye Happenings

Joo-lye.  That's the southern pronunciation.  But anyway.

Hello my name is Summer and I love to pull out my hair pretties!  It leaves me looking all crazy and disheveled.  It drives my mom and dad nuts but I think it's hilarious!!

We were invited to see the Tincaps for a customer appreciation night and had a great time!

First corn on the cob of the season.  Mmmm.....

She's so happy to celebrate her freedoms.

So happy that it moves her to tears.

We headed out to Roanoke for my cousin's wedding.  It was a great time catching up with some of my family!  Right before we left, a few of us made our way to the dance floor for a quick hello and group hug.  But there would be no dancing for me.  Trust me- nobody wants to see the pregnant girl get her groove on:)  At least, not this one!

I love my cousins so much!

Now we have had a little bit of down time before we enter the whirlwind of another wedding, the lakes, and another trip to Roanoke- all in about two weeks of each other.  I say bring it on!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mackinac Getaway

Danny boy and myself were able to get away for a few days this past week to Michigan.  It was kind of for our anniversary and kind of just because.  We'd like to have a little getaway each year for our happy anny but it's the beginning of March and a tropical vacation every year just isn't in the books!  So we just celebrated late in order to have some nicer weather.
We started off by meeting up with my parents for a quick trade off.  They gave us supper and we gave them a baby.  I was a little sad to leave my girl but I knew she was in good hands and my excitement for our trip outweighed the sadness:)

We spent the first part of our trip in Mackinaw City.  We visited Old Colonial Fort Michillimacinac where the Indians and British used to do fur trading.  If you hand me a book or have me sit through a lecture, I don't particularly care for history.  But if you make it come alive for me, I really enjoy it!  So that day was really fun for me.
(helps that everyone was healthy and we had lots of energy to spare still)

In the soldier's barracks, there was this place called the black hole that they used to punish the unruly or disobedient soldiers.  Immediately I told Danny to take a picture of me trying to escape The Black Hole.  Absolutely making a Bluffton joke here.  I thought I was hilarious!  Danny needed an explanation but humored me and laughed once he figured it out:)

On our busiest day, we drove a ways into the Upper Peninsula to do some hiking and to enjoy the scenery.  Unfortunately, Danny had gotten sick through the night and wasn't able to really get into it.  I felt really bad because this was more his thing than mine.  But he did really good about pushing through and we still managed to have a good day.  We went to Munising State Park to check out the Pictured Rocks.  We thought we were going to see more of this kind of thing, but realized once we got there that we had to take a 2 1/2 hour boat tour if we wanted to do that.

So instead we just hoofed it and drove it and what we saw was still really pretty.

That night we went to the Headlands International Dark Sky Park.  Since the sky is still glowing red a little bit at 11:00 at night, it got pretty late, but it was worth it to see all those stars so clearly!  If you ever have the chance, I would definitely recommend checking it out! 

Our last day in the city was nice and relaxing.  We slept in pretty late after our day of hiking and our late night stargazing.  We took it pretty easy, just strolling through some shops and taking a nap (anyways, I did that).  And we did manage to catch the lumberjack show that night.  Good, touristy fun!

Finally the next morning we boarded a ferry and headed to Mackinac Island.  We only had one full day there so we did all things Mackinac in a short amount of time.  We rode bikes and checked out Arch Rock.  So pretty!

We then proceeded to continue riding bikes.  Uphill.  At which point I had a minor meltdown because I was Just. So. Worn. Out.  My preferred method of seeing all the island sights would have been by horse and carriage.  However, I communicated that to Danny by way of female communication skills.  I used more hints rather than directly expressing my desires, which his male communication skills understood as merely a suggestion.  By the time we were on the same page, we had already seen most of what we wanted to see so we decided that if we ever make it back, there will be a little less biking and a little more carriage riding:)

But anywho.  We walked around the Grand Hotel,

we sampled our fair share of fudge (and bought some of course),

and took turns picking restaurants.  For supper we ate at a place with outdoor seating.  It looked pretty full so we went inside.  But it was small and loud and hot and sticky and smelled like a deep fryer.  When we asked about sitting outside, they were super accommodating and set up a little table and chairs for us in their gazebo!  It was a romantic little supper:)

We spent the night in this quaint and charming little bed & breakfast, which was a first for both of us.  It was comfy and relaxing and we both enjoyed it!

One last night before we headed home, we enjoyed strolling along and watching the sunset over the water.

It's always a little sad to see vacations end, but I was pretty excited to see my baby again!  Huge thanks to my parents for keeping her and to my mom for driving all the way to our house to bring Summer home so we wouldn't have to add 2 or 3 extra hours of driving time to our trip.  It's good to be back!

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Verdict Is In!

We've known for a couple weeks now what gender this baby is, but we're still pretty excited about it!  After our ultrasound appointment, we had the family over for supper.  We get together for supper every other Wednesday night and it just so happened to be that Wednesday, so we just had everyone come to our house.  We made this little balloon dart game and filled just one balloon with the appropriate color of paint.

After supper, many a dart was thrown.  Really.  It took a LONG time to hit the balloon with the paint in it.  Everyone took turns and finally Aunt Cassie did it.

The blue paint went flying and the cheers went up!  With 16 grandkids in Danny's family and only three of them being boys, everyone was pretty excited to see blue:)

Earlier in the day, we had a little fun finding out with just the two of us.  We had the tech put girl or boy in an envelope so we could find out in a more fun way than her just coming out and saying it was a boy.  After lunch, we went to Cold Stone for an ice cream treat and I got to look inside the envelope and find out first.  That was pretty fun for me!  Then Danny waited outside while I went in and ordered for the both of us.  We had decided that if it was a girl, I would have the scooper person hide a gummy bear at the bottom of his cup and if it was a boy, he would have a hidden blueberry.  The guy at the counter thought it was so much fun and he put about four blueberries in the bottom of Danny's cup!  So then I got to go give Danny his ice cream and watch him discover the surprise for himself.  He was so excited to see the berry!  He said it was the best blueberry he's ever tasted:)

And on a completely unrelated topic, if you're ever looking for a new hairstyle, just ask Summer.  She's got a few ideas.  She calls this "The Unicorn".

Thursday, June 02, 2016

A Camping We Have Gone

We went camping over Memorial Day weekend with Danny's family and had a great time!

There were hayrides to go on (this one was dry-stay tuned for the wet one)

Watermelon rinds to be gnawed on (it's hard to take a bite when you just have two little teeth)

Dirt to be played in (oh my- soooooo dirty and gross by the end of the weekend!)

Bubble gum blowing contests to be had

Bike rides to go on

It's fun to see how much they've both grown since August!

And many more things to do!  Putt putt, swimming, hiking, sitting around the fire, stuffing ourselves with campfire food...

Oh, and that wet hay ride!  That's Danny hosing down his parents and a few of the nieces and nephews.  I was pretty glad to be on the picture taking end!

Looking forward to going again sometime!