Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Staycation Overnight Date

If you remember, about a month ago we kept a couple of our nieces overnight while their parents went skiing.  (You know- that same weekend our furnace broke down...)  Anyway, this weekend it was our turn!  We looked around for different ideas of places to go overnight but nothing really jumped out at us so we just did a staycation.  And we had so much fun together!  

We started at the local bowling alley where, between a couple coupons we had, we played three games for the price of one!  (My forearm is only now fully recovered.  I am such a weakling.)  And indulged in way too much bowling alley pizza.  Oh, and I really am not trying to snuggle with the ball.  I just wanted it in the picture!

We also each had a few quarters to use for fun.  Danny played a couple arcade games and I picked a couple songs from the jukebox.  One of them being Sweet Home Alabama of course.

And not that I'm bragging or anything, (well okay maybe I am just a teensy tiny bit) but I did happen to win the first game!  That just doesn't happen to people like me.  So it was only right to document it!  Don't worry- Danny smoked me pretty good in the second two games.

And that was the end of my picture taking for the weekend.  But it also included going to Walmart for fun snacks to eat while we watched a movie (we both randomly ended up with a doughnut), sleeping in with no kids to worry about, running errands, and eating out for brunch AND supper.  Nothing too out of the ordinary but still refreshing for us!

Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 Hasn't Been Boring

Just 18 short days ago, we were talking about how 2017 was just so ordinary.  Really nothing at all happened that made it stand out to us.  Not that that's a bad thing, but we do like a little excitement once in awhile.  Well 2018 so far is showing us a grand ole time!

The first full weekend in January we had two of our nieces overnight while their parents went on a little ski trip.  Our furnace had been limping along all week but somehow it would keep on going.  Unfortunately it decided to officially die right before lunch and naps on that Saturday.

So we ever so hastily packed up their stuff, our kid's stuff, our stuff, put carseats in the van, went through Little Ceasar's and Taco Bell drive thru (multiple palates to satisfy) and headed to Danny's sisters house.  The kids all ate and went down for naps and we got settled in cause we weren't sure how long we would be there. 

They were quite the gracious hosts!  They were even going to let us stay until our furnace got replaced on Wednesday!

But Monday night around 10:00 Summer started throwing up.  I ended up taking her to the couch to spend the night with her where she continued throwing up until 4:30 in the morning.  Somewhere between 8 and 10 times.  I lost track.  So when morning came we promptly moved over to Danny's parents house in an attempt to not infect the other kids.  Summer took a 4 1/2 hour nap that day!

Poor buddy just wanted to play.  He got it a couple days later, but not nearly as bad thank goodness!

Danny and I both had just a small touch of it but got feeling better really fast and thought it would be just fine to not cancel out on the plans we had to have people over for supper on Saturday.  Turns out there might have been some gunk still floating around our house because it sounds like we may have passed it on to several kids and adults who were there.  HUGE WHOOPS AND APOLOGY!!!!!

Then when we thought we were finally done with all the puking, Summer choked a little bit on some candy at church and emptied her stomach contents all over her carseat.  So it was a fun toy for the kids to play on for a couple days while the cover was washed and dried!

2017, we miss your boring old self!

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

2017 Wrap Up- Long Post!

I love the hustle and bustle of December.  Sometimes it does get to be a little much- this year I found myself backing out of an overnight girl's shopping trip to Indy.  I was bummed to miss it but something had to give and unfortunately that's what made the most sense.  But that's not the point here now, is it?  The point is that December is full and busy and fun!

One Saturday this month we swapped babysitting with Danny's brother.  We took the day time date and went out to lunch and did some Christmas shopping.  It was the perfect ideal shopping date- complete with snowfall that lasted all day, dessert coffee drinks, and good moods all around!

The kids got their first real taste of playing in the snow.  Summer loved it and Sawyer couldn't move so he just sat there.  But he didn't seem to mind his hand me down purple coat.  Don't worry- he doesn't wear it everywhere:)

The tree and presents are just. so. hard. to. resist!  He became an old pro at shaking his finger at the tree while saying "no no no no no".

Christmas antlers!

Danny had some friends over one night and they got roped into a few rounds of Duck Duck Goose.  I'm not sure if it was more entertaining for Summer to play or for me to watch it all happen!

The 2017 overnighter!  Lots of kids, lots of food, lots of noise, lots of fun, lots of CHAOS!

Danny played with a nephew's toy helped a nephew out with his new toy.

One of our treasures from the adult grab was this giant Jenga game made by Cassie!

Two of Danny's siblings and ourselves have all been neighbors with this kind lady.  She has us over for supper each Christmas and gets our kids cozy jammies.  So sweet!

Christmas with my dad's side of the family

We played a whodunit Christmas game complete with props.  My two favorite things about this picture are my grandma's Mrs. Clause shawl and my mom's face.

We did gingerbread houses one day at my parent's while our kids were sleeping.  We had family members vote on their favorite and Danny won.

But in my defense, mine was delicate and simple and his roof fell off because he had so much stuff on it!  So he should have been disqualified.  But I'm not bitter at all... :)

Summer got her first haircut!  It really doesn't look much different, it was just time to trim it up and get off all the baby hair and split ends.  She did really good!

We had my family's celebration on Christmas day, came home the day after, and on the 27th finally did our little family Christmas.  We acted out the Christmas story with our Little People nativity.

However Sawyer was way more interested in the fire.  It was the first time he's really seen it.

We got the kids a trampoline and it's been a hit!

We, along with some of our friends, wrapped up the year with a taffy pull, games, and worship.

Fun times!

2017 was incredibly normal and uneventful.  And ya know what?  I think I'm okay with that!  I can do normal.  I don't mind some excitement here and there but normal typically means good.  That's something to be thankful for!  So here's to another normal year in 2018:)  Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Sweet Reunions

What a weekend!  A cousin of mine got married which brought family in from afar for a great weekend!  People that I rarely see these days but love dearly just the same as I did back when we all lived within a five mile radius.  We had one night for a short and sweet cousin night.  We are missing four in this picture but here we are oldest to youngest.  (I always thought it was pretty cool to be the oldest.)  Such sweet memories with them over the years!  Looking at this picture gets me sappy on all kinds of levels.

I also had a chance to get together with a few old roommates which hasn't happened in about five or six years.  Again, some people who have left a huge imprint on my life were not able to be there but it was so good to catch up with the ones that were!

We also happened to have a family Christmas planned for the weekend.  One we would not had made it to if it hadn't been for the wedding.

Summer really wanted seconds on jello but she had a plate full of other food that needed to be eaten first.  So while the other kids finished and played she diligently sat and ate all by herself.  And eventually got distracted by something, never finished her food, and never got her jello. 

And then Santa came for a visit!  Our kids really had no clue about Santa up until now.  Sawyer is still obviously pretty clueless but Summer is a new fan!  Well, as long as she doesn't have to sit on his lap that is:)  We especially liked Santa's shoes.  He had a stroke awhile back which probably explains the new kicks:)

Saturday morning Danny and I went on a little morning date to my dear friend Katrina's new coffee shop!  It was quite delightful and now I have two places to go when we are there!

Saturday evening was spent helping with the rehearsal dinner.  I really enjoy preparing and serving food and so doing that along with some of my favorite people made for a great time!

After all the guests were served it was time for the rest of us to sit and eat.  We dished up our plates and went to a back room in the facility we were using and found my dad using a high chair for a table!  It got to job done I guess but it made the rest of us chuckle!

Sunday left us with some very tuckered out kids.  Sawyer was in no nap hyper mode.  We realized we had left his snuggly blankie thing in my mom's church bag so we made do with Summer's extra pair of pants from the diaper bag:)  It did the trick and he was out in about 2 seconds flat after that!

We made it home with just one minor traffic delay.  Very tired, but a good tired.  Now to rest up for all the other busyness this month has to offer...

Monday, November 13, 2017

Fall As Of Late

One beautiful fall day I thought Summer should experience and understand the joy that comes from playing in a pile of leaves.  But it has taken forEVER for the leaves to fall off the trees this year.  But I managed to scrape up a measly little pile and showed her how to play in it.  She liked throwing the leaves in the air but wasn't a huge fan of rolling around in them.  All my work for naught.

Sawyer's piano lessons

We didn't do costumes this year but Sawyer did get this cute little jack-o-lantern outfit from grandma that we wore to her fall party!

We also had his birthday party.  It was a puppy theme inspired by pinterest and this huge stuffed dog my mom gave us.  It was simple but cute!

Summer has been really into changing her clothes lately.  Unfortunately sometimes it's bad timing and we end up with a naked trick or treater greeter!  We quickly found her shirt though- we don't need the reputation of being "that" house!

Then a few days AFTER Halloween, Danny decided he wanted to carve one of our pumpkins.  So the timing was off but he and Summer still had fun with it and we roasted the seeds so it wasn't solely a Halloween thing I guess:)

When you tell Summer to go get her shoes on...

This past weekend I took a really quick trip to Illinois and left Danny and the kids behind.  It was only a 24 hour trip and just wasn't worth packing everything up, much to my mother's dismay.  

Danny put his awesome dad skills to good use while I was gone!  (He has lots of awesome dad skills.)  He redeemed my pathetic attempt at playing in the leaves!  Which reminded me that Sawyer still needs a coat for this winter lest he be stuck wearing his sister's hand me downs and his daddy's stocking cap!

Then I got this picture!!  Sawyer fell butt first into the trash can in the bathroom with the rest of his limbs sticking out.  He didn't think it was as funny as we did!

So that's been our fall thus far.  I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and Christmas with great anticipation!  I've had my Christmas music on since about the middle of October:)  I'm one of those...

Friday, October 27, 2017

An Ode To Sawyer Jacob

 Our sweet Sawyer Jacob is turning the big ONE tomorrow! (October 28)

It's hard to believe that we've been a family of four for a whole year now.

Of course, a first birthday means reflecting back on some of the different things I was feeling a year ago.  Excitement, apprehension, nervous, peaceful- God gifted me with a really easy birth with Sawyer.  I know things don't always go so smoothly so I was pretty thankful when it went about as good as it could have!

Those first moments when you see the little baby you've been carrying for (more than) nine months... I remember that the two first things I thought were "he's got a lot of hair and he has a huge mouth!".

I mean just look at that thing!

For the most part, he has been a pretty easy baby.  He would lay on the floor by himself and just hang out for a long time.

A lot of times after he ate I could just lay him down wherever and he would drift off peacefully into dreamland.  That was such a nice change after being used to Summer who did that a whopping two times in her life!

As per the usual, he became a lot more alert and interactive...

and got to be so much fun to play with!  He had and still has the best little giggle ever!

He and Summer have become quite the pals, spending most of their time together when they are both awake.

More recently I have given him the name "Sawyer the Destroyer.  This first picture is a great depiction of how he just quickly makes one mess and moves right on to the next.

He has become my exercise program- cleaning up his messes and chasing him around or rescuing him from somewhere has become my norm.

We just never know what kind of shenanigan he'll be pulling off next!

He's our snuggle bug, our handsome lil charmer, and he makes us laugh every day.

And he still has a big mouth!